The Food Innovation Alliance is currently developing a Food Strategy with the City of Greater Dandenong that aims to put the City on the map for being best practice food innovators across their whole food system: manufacturing & food processing, retail, planning, community and health sectors. We use design tools and methodologies to gather and analyse data. Then we develop actionable prototypes and projects that are meaningful to relevant users and stakeholders.

The Food Innovation Alliance uses a design-led methodology which aims to gather insights from a wide range of stakeholders across the Dandenong Food System. These insights will inform the strategy which is co-designed with these participants. The aim is to develop a collaborative network that embodies sustainable food production, processing, distribution, consumption and waste management in order to enhance the environmental, economic and social health of Greater Dandenong. This food strategy aims to unite farmers, consumers, business, social enterprise, community and local government to create a locally based and export savvy food economy. One of the most important aspects of our food strategy is to increase citizen participation on the issue and get action happening on the ground. Food is a brilliant tangible ‘element’ to make a place better.

Practical action plans and projects will grow from the strategy, which will enable real progress to happen on the ground in the City over the next five years and beyond. Through our design-led methodology we will translate the food strategy into action simultaneously.