A dynamic discussion took place at the City of Greater Dandenong to discuss the final draft of the food strategy. Over 40 food leaders attended and gave insightful feedback on the strategy. If you have any feedback please review the strategy document here.

The City of Greater Dandenong Regional Food Strategy 2014 outlines the opportunities and forward directions to maximise the economic and community impact for the food system in Greater Dandenong.

The strategy is supported by a Context Report which contains the data collection and analysis which fed into the Strategy.

A local food strategy can advance the policy and practice of the local and regional food system development and expand both the opportunity for food processors, retailers (and subsequently their supply chains) and the affordability and access to healthy food for the local community.

From an economic perspective the existing and future expected employment generated by the food sector within the City of Greater Dandenong is significant. Furthermore, many food processing and food manufacturing businesses have cited strategic considerations for locating within the City of Greater Dandenong and proximity to both Gippsland and metro Melbourne, and close to publicly funded research infrastructure. Added to this, the strategic initiatives set out within Plan Melbourne are significant and beneficial for the city of Greater Dandenong, and if harnessed effectively could contribute substantially to the local food economy into the future.

The Food Strategy aims to inspire and empower many projects, actions, innovation and improved business in Dandenong. We look forward to seeing the outcomes of this strategy flourish into the near and distant future!

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