From November 2013 to March 2014 over 500,000+ Melbournians visited ZOOM# 1 – an exhibition and interactive consultation at the National Gallery of Victoria’s groundbreaking exhibition Melbourne Now.

For ZOOM#1 we asked creative leaders and thinkers to provide us with short statements in response to the question “How might we design our future city?” these 100 provocative, insightful and innovative statements formed a large-scale wall of 150,000 postcards for the public to take away. The idea was to encourage Melbournians to ‘adopt an idea’ and take it home. They did.

During Melbourne Now we also asked people to leave something behind by sharing their insights on the future of our city via an interactive survey developed as a companion to the exhibition.

Over 9000 people took the survey. The data we gathered was illuminating. We’ve shared the data with The Age and other media, we’ve submitted it to policy makers, and we’ve also re-exhibited it for planners and developers. We’ve tried to help Melbournians express their vision for the future of the city.

ZOOM is an iterating project. Each edition of this exhibition will look at new areas of interest and add additional insights to a growing archive of research on the ideas and opinions of Melbournians that will shape our future city.

ZOOM is an accessible public engagement tool, fuelled by good ideas. It starts conversations and gathers opinion.

Take the ZOOM survey here

Curated by Ewan McEoin and featuring: data visualisation by Greg More (OOM Creative); graphic design by Matthew Angel; exhibition design by Design Office; sound installation by Marco Cher-Gibard; data research by Serryn Eagleson / EDG Research; and digital survey design by Policy Booth.

(Photography by Scottie Cameron)