The Locavore Edition is a social enterprise with a mission to publish high quality editorial content across digital and print media that educates and informs consumers about sustainable regional food producers and suppliers. They aim to do this while supporting regional food brands, events and tourism, and inspiring Australians and international visitors to look locally and to think seasonally. The Locavore Edition provides an editorial voice and online community for regional food based businesses to connect with consumers and each other.

The team are dedicated to revealing the stories and experiences of regional food producers and the brands, events and activities that wrap around an authentic, sustainable food message. is supported by social media channels and a set of ‘Field Guides’ to regional produce. Together these platforms offer engaging and useful content about regional food growers, producers and providers as well as the issues and opportunities arising in the food and tourism markets.

Wth our brand and design wanted to make it easy (and desirable) for anyone to be a locavore (to eat locally), to access quality produce from their food region, or to enjoy regional food tourism. We also want to connect regional food businesses to new markets by providing a platform that assists them to more effectively tell their story, do business and sell their goods.