There has never been a better time to begin a rewarding life on the land. Join us at The Field Institute to discover how you can become a fair food farmer. This workshop will give you the tools you need to start your journey or take the next step in creating your future in farming.

Participants will learn:

- Practical ways for setting up an ethically viable  farming model.

- No land? Discover innovative ways to access land, including opportunities for land share through the ‘Farm Incubator.’

- Ideas for sustainable growth.

How to create multi-tiered farming systems.

Keynote speaker Tammi Jonas (Jonai Farms) will discuss her transition from city dweller to fair food farmer. Jonai Farms is pioneering a model for how we as consumers and future farmers can wrest back control of how our food is grown, produced, transported and consumed. The benefits of relocalising  the food supply chain will be explained and Tammi will provide insight into how they went  about setting up an on-farm butchery.

Tammi will be joined by Paul Miragliotta, coordinator of ‘Farm Incubator’ a not for profit organization that provides pathways for new farmers to access land through disruptive and innovative models. The ‘Farm Incubator’ works as a testing ground for novice farmers by giving the guidance and resources needed to develop original farm products before launching in the marketplace.

The workshop will be held within The Field Institute gallery, alongside Folds of Hills – a photographic project by Kristian Laemmle-Ruff. Participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Kristians stunning images that capture a community adapting to the climate changes, an aging farming population, and widespread rural decline.


Tammi Jonas – Jonai Farms

Tammi Jonas is an ethical farmer and meatsmith in Daylesford, Victoria. Where, along with her family, she raises rare breed free range pigs. Jonai Farms became the first farm in Australia to successfully crowdfund major infrastructure last year when they raised $27,570 on Pozible to build a farmstead butchery, which is now a fully licensed facility and farm gate shop. The farm is something of a rarity as they have  achieved an ethically viable model, solely reliant on farm income within just two years of setting up.

Tammi has been writing about food ethics and politics since 2006 at her blog Tammi Jonas: Food Ethics, and can be found advocating for an ethical food system on twitter as @tammois, and for the farm as @jonaifarms. She is also a founding member of Fair Food Farmers United (FFFU), a producers’ branch of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA), which is focused on connecting and creating a strong voice for farmers who are feeding Australia fairly.

Paul Miragliotta – Coordinator of  Farm Incubator

Paul is leading a new not for profit organisation ‘Farm Incubator’, which  provides upcoming farmers with pathways to small-scale farming—successfully and independently.  Previously Paul has worked with Friends of the Earth Australia, and was part of  the management team at South Melbourne Commons. Paul has extensive experience in food production and is currently  studying with the National environment  centre, whilst  managing to  work with the Very Edible Garden (VEG) team.