The Field Institute is a design-led research, communications and strategy office focused on the food and agriculture sector.

Using design and creativity we unlock new thinking within the chain of food production, supply, and consumption.

We want to reconnect producers and consumers, bridging rural to urban, and explore how disruptive thinking can transform lives and businesses.


Our research explores land conservation, farming, systems design, technology, e-commerce, processing, packaging, marketing, branding, tourism and retail. If it relates to food we are interested. We aim to stimulate useful debate and thinking that can unlock innovation, and generate economic vibrancy and resilience across food systems.


Our program of exhibitions and events offers a collaborative platform to test and incubate new thinking and business models focused on food and agriculture. Through our forums, workshops and exhibitions we convene broad expertise to explore food production, capabilities, products, policies and programs that might accelerate innovation and evolution.


Our strategy and design team delivers exceptional insights, ideas, products and services that add value to food and farming.


Our publications foster a spirit of optimism with the capacity to create shared value in the realms of agriculture, food enterprise, education, urban design and public policy.

We are here to enable healthier, fairer, and more transparent food relationships and to seek out ways to make food production and supply vibrant, financially viable, adaptable and sustainable.

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